Natural Colors Ice (12 months wear)

  • "A mysterious bright grey blue tone that is lighter than Natural Grafite. Just as striking with the limbal ring around the lens."
    How it wears: Slight Limbal Ring, Least Opaque, Translucent Natural Looking Lens
    Material: 62% Polymacon
    Hydration: 38%
    Diameter: 14.2 mm
    Base curve: 8.7
    Degree: PLANO 0.00 Degree
    Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil
    What it contains: 1 pair of YEARLY lenses + Lens Case
  • Solotica Lenses are the most natural looking lenses in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers. Scroll below to see more photos of the SOLOTICA NATURAL ICE
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Customer Reviews

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Best choice I made for my first contacts ever.

They look freaking AMAZING, they're so realistic in MOST (8/10) situations. I used to think there was a stigma associated with dudes who wear contacts like "They MUST be GAY" lmao so that always held me back. Oh boy, even if some people still think that way when they find out I'm wearing contacts, I don't even care. I've gotten way too many COMPLIMENTS and looks of "AWE" from people who've seen my eyes and from the LADIES?! Almost every one of them that I meet or that sees me on online dating apps HAS TO COMMENT on my eyes lol. I always knew girls would more than likely pay attention to trivial stuff such as the color of a dude's eye but didn't know it'd be THIS frequent. ANYWAY, let's cut to the chase, GET THESE CONTACTS, they're BEAUTIFUL. Mine lasted about 9 Months til I noticed they'd start getting foggy/cloudy and dry in less than 3 hours but I've got a GOOD FEELING it's because of my lack of knowledge on how to care for them PROPERLY. Finally at Month 12 I accidentally tore them so now I'm ordering more. Lol, one more thing... Even STRAIGHT dudes will notice them and sometimes compliment them. This one man I worked with at a Hotel recently is as straight as can be and was much older than me and he asked outright "Damn man, ARE THOSE YOUR EYES?!" to which I (cleverly and smoothly nodded "yup" to while drinking my glass classy AF lmao) and he was just like "Wowwwwwww you're lucky!" SO YEAH, THEY'RE REALISTIC AND THEY'RE COMPLIMENT GETTERS.

Girl or GUY... Straight or Gay... You should have them in your "arsenal"


The best eye contacts in the world ,, they are amazing and look natural


Natural Colors Ice (12 months wear)

Lens review

Gorgeous love them

Fast shipping, great lenses!

Great contact lenses. The only lenses that I can wear that don't blur my vision and they are very comfortable. After about 10 minutes I can't even tell I have them in. I've tried fresh look and Air Optix with no luck. I just wear them for the colors. Would highly recommend this brand to anyone! I have hazel eyes and these make my eyes a beautiful natural looking light blue.



Not quite sure what they will look like in real life? Check out these photos below to help you on your Solotica Lens journey.





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