Natural Colors Avela (12 months wear)

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Au Naturale baby!

Subtle and striking at the same time, it features a dark hazelnut centre and a slight limbal ring - making it the most natural looking lens in the Solotica Collection. This is a staff favourite as it is easy to wear during the day and gives you a glamorous pop of sparkle at night. If you love this lens, you'll also love Anesthesia Anesthetic Shadow.

Color Category Hazel
Brightness 5
Limbal Ring Slight Limbal Ring
Usage 12 months

Lens description

62% Polymacon
Diameter 14.2mm
Base Curve 8.7

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Haley Parker
Better than expected

I will start by saying that I am a medium brown skinned (golden undertones), very dark brown eyed, dark brown haired, black woman. I looked at video reviews of these for months before purchasing. On some people the lenses looked (in my opinion) very fake and on others they were as real as the eyes the person was born with. I spent a long time at a cross roads and decided the only way I would know for sure would be to purchase. So I took the plunge and I am glad that I did. These lenses are quite natural looking though I will say they look better on me when I have just a little bit of mascara/eye liner to accentuate my eyes. I would not say they are so natural that I could pop them in in the morning and live in them like they were god-given... but that's just me. I will say though THEY LOOK AMAZING ON CAMERA. I wore these for a photoshoot and they were poppin! Both from a distance and in up close portrait shots. They are light enough to show up in the dark ( but not nearly as light as the ochre) and the limbal ring is evident but in a seamless way. I'm one of those people who HATES when a limbal ring is super obvious (especially when you see the person's face from the side profile view) but these surprised me. They don't move around in your eye, are comfortable to wear, and there is minimal "frog eye" effect. I would say the color is a deep beige with flecks of gold and brown. My mom has eyes light hazel eyes naturally and when I compare pics of me in the contacts to her there is barely a difference. The limbal ring even matches hers as she naturally has a thick almost black ring around her eyes which made me feel more confident about wearing them more frequently. In day light the color changes beautifully and in almost complete darkness they still come across as light. These are good for someone looking for something natural that still pops. If you feel you have similar features (I didn't find very many black women reviewing these) go to my instagram @haleyxparker and I'm wearing them in my last post. Hope this helps someone!

Natural Color Avela

I have very dark brown eyes so when I put these on they were a bit too “bright” to go with my original eye color. However, the color of the Avela is beautiful! I would wear it only for special occasion and not everyday use. They are very comfortable and the shipping on these contacts were fast ! Customer Service was great too (:
Overall, I do really love the Solitica product but for those who want to have a more natural color and they have very dark eyes like mine, I feel like you should choose something different that is a “darker” contact color. Everyone has preferences though!

Jenelynrose Hopkins

These were comfortable and could be mistaken for my real eye color. Love these and have already bought another color

Doris Despaigne
Natural Avela

I love Avela! I have natural light brown eyes. This color gave my eyes a more subtle beige color. It was enough to notice a difference for those that know, but natural to strangers. Very comfortable to wear.

Alex Smith
Avela Lenses

Really blended with my eyes looked extremely natural just fell in love