Difference between Solotica Hidrocor, Natural Colours and Hidrocharme (2017 Updated Version)

September 02, 2016

It can be very confusing trying to decide which Solotica range to choose from. Here is a breakdown of the differences between Hidrocor, Natural Colors & Hidrocharme Solotica lenses. We hope this helps you on finding your perfect pair of lenses!

Solotica Hidrocor doesn't have a limbal ring and the most opaque out of the range. 

Perfect for someone who wants a look that is extremely natural. This lens that blends seamlessly with the eye and can be worn during the day because it's that natural.


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Solotica Natural Colours have a slight limbal ring with black accents / pixels around the rim. It also is the least opaque (more transparent). It makes the eye look sharper than Hidrocor.

Perfect for someone who wants a slightly sharper and brighter look to their eyes. Great for a night out and making your eye makeup pop. 


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Solotica Hidrocharme has a strong limbal ring and has a medium opacity.

Perfect for someone who wants a more dramatic look to their eyes. These are still very natural however they make the eyes look bolder. It doesn't give off a dolly effect as the diameter of the lens is not big like the Korean lenses, so still keeping it natural with some drama!


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We hope that was useful in helping you decide which type of lenses to go for. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite lens range is. 

Until next time!

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Solotica Official team